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No Win No Fee Guarantee In essence, you won't incur charges if your claim doesn't succeed. "No win, no fee" denotes an agreement between an attorney and the injured party, ensuring no charges if the personal injury compensation claim is unsuccessful.
IMA will take your call initially and put you through to one of the expert lawyers, they have years of experience in the field. IMA is a claims management company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Expert Legal Serives
  • Award winning medical experts
  • No need extra cost for consultation
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Why Choose Us

If you're in search of a No Win, No Fee service, your quest ends with Claims For You. Your claim will be pursued exclusively by solicitors. Unlike dealing directly with solicitors, engaging with a middleman, like a Claims Management Company, means your claim gets passed on to a group of solicitors with an accompanying fee.

We proudly represent numerous clients and have secured millions in compensation. As an award-winning team of solicitors specializing in industrial disease claims, we leverage our extensive experience and knowledge in the field. Filing claims with employers' insurers, we draw on our expertise in health and safety as well as negligence law to substantiate and assess our clients' injuries. Through skillful negotiation, we consistently achieve maximum settlements with insurers.

In cases where injury can be proven, our success rate is exceptionally high in most claims.


Why choose us?

Only solicitors can pursue your claim. Unless you are dealing directly with solicitors, then you are going to be talking to a middleman, such as a Claims Management Company, who will then pass the claim on to a group of solicitors and charge you a fee for doing so.

  • Specialist, independent solicitors
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  • Pioneers of No Win No Fee
  • No Win No Fee, no hidden charges
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